It all started with a school boy in India noticing and appreciating buildings and interiors done by others, and some of his friends presenting him a book on model-making and a chocolate box with pictures of different houses on each of the covers of the chocolates inside... And a couple of years later, this boy finds himself in one of the premier architecture institutes of India. Few years of education, and some professional training in the same field and B and A originated in the early 90’s... more

  With 29 years of experience, we have successfully handled numerous projects, covering both residential as well as commercial projects.
      B and A is a multi-discipline of architects, interior designers and
planners specializing in complete projects ranging from building additions
and renovations to new building designs, building interior designs and
comprehensive master plans.

We specialize in transforming ideas into reality through our
architectural design skills. We possess all the resources on different facets required for the completion of assignments.

    B and A has a varied portfolio of projects as under:-  
             Residential houses and interiors  
             Design of brass handles for woodwork  
             Amusement park/ Water park  
             Office interiors  

         Subdivision of land into smaller sizes  
             Guest Houses  

We offer expertise in architecture, interiors, health care planning as well as urban and environmental design. It comprises of a professional
design team capable of providing the above range of services.

             High-rise apartments  
             Shopping centers, Malls & retail fitouts  
         Building Material Supplies &  Transportation of Building Materials  


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